We can still get it right through voter’s education – Wealth


An Owerri based business man Mr Kingsley chukwu Okonkwo a.k.a” wealth” has said that there is great hope for this country and we can still get it right through proper voter education and sensitisation of the masses.

Mr Kingsley who is into importation, boutiques etc made this remark in a chat with Nigeria newspoint in Owerri Imo state, on Saturday 19th August,2023
He said “we can get it right through voter education and sensitisation of the masses,by so doing the people will elect credible Nigerians who will rule and make things better “

He frowned at way things are going in this country, in the area of the economy, hardship,the inflation and so on stating that he is not happy with the situation.

According to him “I’m not happy the way things are going in the country in various areas including the economy, hardship and inflation is the order of the day, people are complaining, business people are complaining, workers are complaining, the politicians are complaining, the politicians are the ones benefiting from the economic hardship in the country,for this reason the youths are not happy.

He stated that “The youths of this country are not happy with the situation,he opined that the solution lies in electing the right people not selection, electing credible candidates noting that the people who are currently on the saddle are not the peoples choice according to him.

“The people who are holding political positions now are not credible, they are not the choice of the people, this is obvious but there is nothing we can do,we have no option than to keep trying until we elect those ones with the peoples mindset, those with the mindset of the country,he encouraged.

“Nigerians to keep on trying until the credible people are elected, those with the mindset of the masses, those with the mindset of the people and not those who serve for their pockets.

Mr Kingsley agreed that the people who are ruling now have been around for a very long time but that they can be overwhelmed through proper voter education and sensitisation through this people will still come out again and vote once they believe that their votes will count, then we will start electing the right people,he believes that things will start working again.

Mr Kingsley a firm believer in the country called Nigeria, believes that things will work better again, according to him “I have confidence in this country and I firmly believe that things will work again by the special grace of God, I still have confidence in this country he buttressed”
He advised his fellow youths, not to give up but to keep pushing, keep trying their best till the right thing is done, according to him

“If you give up on this country and travel abroad or ‘JAPA’ who will take over this country? we should keep trying,we tried it last time it did not work,we still have more chances to elect credible people in future,we should not relent until we elect the credible one’s and put out all this old cargoes and have our country back to ourselves, then things will start flowing and working “.

Meanwhile,Mr Kingsley Okonkwo view on the nation eas it stands now confirms that there are still so many youths who have confidence in the unity,oneness and togetherness of this great country.

Nigeria Newspoint understands that this is very encouraging coming from a progressive young youth who is also an employer of labour.

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