Umuekumenyi inaugurates new executives, calls for unity

Maxwell Okechukwu

The newly Inaugrated president of the forum Dr. Isaac Monday Ikpor, a Lecturer in the Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ikwo.

On a meeting of Umuekumenyi young professionals, held at Hotel Geneza in Abakaliki while Interacting with Newsmen was overwhelmed seeing the
professionals in their large  numbers.

He Congratulated them on their efforts for making the meeting a success, also send a bravo thanks to the initiators of the meeting and the forum.

Assuring the people that him and his executives will put every efforts as professionals in their professions, to create a difference from the  past, by making sure that visions and the mission of the initiators are well protected.

On his part, Barr Emeka Nwode , SA to the state Governor on a Legal Matters, also  a pioneer founders of the forum.

Said “the vision of founding the Association  is to encourage the young youths, also has to do with encouraging the young professionals of Umuekumenyi .by  looking at the  diversities of hardship and unemployment  facing the society today,whereby enabling them come up to the level of achievements to better the society”

He further added that the “forum is a call  for a service to the people of Umuekumenyi.

And charged the entire families of Umuekumenyi’s not to embrace  crises whereby allowing  strangers to take an advantage of coming in for settling  their crises.

And call on the youth who are yet in their various ways trying  to come up to  emulate the good  steps of those professionals who had made it in their life to be like them, even beyond.

The board of trustee chairman Dr. Ben Uruchi Ode , on his part , said that the cardinal aim of forming the Association  is  to unite  Umuekumenyi professionals together to build a strong force in the promotion of Abakaliki youths to bring them in the light of success, also help those who are welling to be professionals, due to financial challenges  would make their dreams truncated in achieving their ambition. 

Which they are also in line to see how such ones will be financially assisted, by raising funds for them.

In his conclusion pray that God  would grant their privet afflictions so that when they are measuring professionals in Nigerian Umuekumeyi will also be among in a large number.

Others who give good will messages, Include Dr.Chika Igwe of Ebonyi broadcasting cooperation Abakaliki. and other notable members of the forum.

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