Stadium access to LP: “Umahi is a proven democrat”–Akpu-Enika


The Ebonyi state Commissioner for Youth Development and Sports, Hon. Charles Akpu-Enika has said that Governor David Umahi is a proven democrat by approving the use of the Pa Ngela Stadium, Abakaliki for the Labour party to use for its campaigns.

Akpu-Enika made the declaration in an interview in Abakaliki, noting that the development has proven Umahi’s open-mindedness in allowing other political parties to thrive.

The commissioner said that the governor has proven that the state government runs a functional system which gives equal leverage to all political parties, to operate unhindered.

“This shows that the executive order 03 of 2022 is applicable to all political parties as he had shown example with his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) when it defaulted.

“The Labour party is expected to pay the relevant fee as stipulated in the executive order as it is not meant to intimidate any party.

“Political parties in the state are expected to comply with the provisions of the order as the atmosphere of free political expression has been guaranteed in Ebonyi,”.

He thanked the governor
for laying the foundation for political tolerance in the state noting that he was one of those being looked upon to promote democracy in the country.

“Other political parties would use the infrastructure put in place by the governor for their campaigns and this shows the the APC-led government in the state is a grand success.

“The massive and master-class infrastructure of the governor would be a campaign tool for the APC and it is not too late for members of other parties to join the moving train”.

Akpu-Enika urged Ebonyi people to continue supporting Umahi to anchor successfully, noting that he has done his best to reposition the state.

“The coming elections would be an avenue for Ebonyi people to thank Umahi for all his good works by massively voting for APC candidates in all positions,”

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