SPPG Partners Schools To Enhance Food Security

In a bid to tackle the challenge of food scarcity and production, a group known as School of Politics, Policy and Governance, SPPG, an affiliate program of the FixPolitics initiative based in Abuja, said it has put modalities in place to motivate school children to participate in the production of various Agricultural products across the country.

The group, which will officially launch its capstone project titled ‘Operation Feed My Family’ on Wednesday, 28th June 2023, at the Delight International School, Oloodi-Apapa in Lagos, added that SPPG will collaborate with the pilot school and the Government Secondary School, Wuse, FCT Abuja, to realize the initiative.”

The School of Politics, Policy and Governance (SPPG) is an unconventional school designed to attract, develop and produce a new generation of political leaders committed to advancing sustainable multi-sectoral
development in Nigeria.

Disclosing this in a statement, the Lagos Team Lead of the project, Mrs. Olaoluwa Makinde explained that: “We are working with students and relevant staff of the schools to demonstrate our concepts of urban and community based farming.

“Our group is working on one of the Sustainable Development Goals – Zero Hunger. Our particular interest is to create awareness, stir up interest and catalyze simple actions that can contribute to improving individual and
household food and nutrition security”, Mrs. Olaoluwa Makinde further stated.

The statement read in part: “As part of the SPPG school program curriculum, the students are to complete a community-focused capstone project in several areas anchored on the SDG goal, which Food Security is one.

“The Capstone projects are
vehicles for students on the program to initiate and provide meaningful contributions to areas of their interest within defined local communities.

‘Operation Feed My Family’ is a theme programme developed in line with the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) launched programme to build Green Cities as a way to combat Food Insecurity as evidenced at the onset of the Covid 19 global pandemic, especially across cities.

‘Operation Feed My Family’ is expected to help school children engage around growing commonly consumed fruits and vegetables in schools, and encourage them to replicate same in their homes and communities with necessary support.

“This will encourage nutrition, sensitive agricultural production and motivate associated learning
and nutrition education among participating schools, families and communities.

“Another important component of the project is the ‘trash to treasure’ concept of the project to promote
utilisation of used plastic, tyres, buckets and other discarded bases as planting media thereby encouraging environmental consciousness among the growing student populations.

“The project is estimated to cost over one million naira in direct cost to execute in the two selected schools.”

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