Regina Pacis@18: Dr Nkwegu Expresses Concern On The Fate of the lost generation in a Failed Government


Moses Peter, Abakaliki

As the Society is getting worse on daily basis and insecurity taking everywhere, the Founder of a humanitarian organisation known as the Regina Pacis Foundation, Dr Edward Nkwegu who is also the Gubernatorial Candidate of Labor Party in the forthcoming General Election, has expressed concern over the predicament of the lost generation – the newly emerging group of people who has no hope of ever working in their lifetime in failed Government.

Dr Nkwegu made this expression during the 18th anniversary of Organisation at Okpoduma in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

The Entrepreneur observed that many people of the middle class of yesterday are now the poorest of the poor today while the poorest of yesterday are already in their early graves due to poverty.

The Founder disclosed that Regina Pacis Foundation shares the belief that poverty, which in he labelled the absence of self-sustenance was caused by ignorance and lack of financial education.

He noted that “people of all races and works of life struggle for money,” saying “most of the rich people of yesterday are the new poor of today; meanwhile, the poorest of the poor today whilst the poorest of yesterday are already in their early graves.”

In his words, “there is a new group described now as the lost generation. They are well-educated men and women in their late 30s and 40s with first, second and third degrees but have not worked for a single day. Some are married with children and still living with their parents. They have no hope of ever working.”

“As the days continue to pass by, things seem to keep getting out of hand. There are so many emergencies; financial emergencies security emergencies, environmental emergencies, employment emergencies and so on. I don’t know if I should add a spiritual emergency. The truth is that these days, people do sell their morality. When the base level of survival and security is weakened, a moral, ethical and civilized society is the first casualty. If you are reliant on the present-day government’s promises to save you, count yourself as lost.”

“Since we have got an economic emergency in our hands, the question should be: Who will emerge from this economic emergency? Who will not? Who will fortify their self-esteem, become self-sustainable, sand elf-actualized and take a second chance at money and life?

Dr Nkwegu who is the Ebonyi gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party had earlier described self-sustenance as one of the most difficult projects to undertake and a tough topic to discuss, attributing the reasons making it so tricky to its direct relationship with money which according to him, had turned most people insane.

He said most people think that to be great is to possess one side of nature – that is the sweet without the other side, the bitter.

He added: ” Unfortunately, just like you cannot get an inside without an outside or light without a shadow, so it is that you cannot have self-sustenance without the rendition of useful service to your neighbour or the next person. In nature, nothing can be given, all things are sold.

“People go to school for a better life and after the completion of their studies; they have succeeded in learning little or nothing at all about money and self-sustenance. This is because the teachers cannot give what they don’t have.”

He declared knowledge as power, and “this why the Regina Pacis Foundation is all about giving people a second chance at money and life through the teaching of financial education to instil self-reliance.”

The Founder recalled that the humanitarian foundation was started with the basics like kindergarteners by teaching the language of money and self-sustenance.

“We begin with words because the book of John 1:14 says “and the word became flesh.”

“Some of the keywords include Cash Flow – Cash plus Flow (if more cash flows into your pocket than the one flows than the one that flows out from your pocket = financial freedom. Asset – puts money into your pocket. Liability takes away money from your pocket.”

He described new money as knowledge which according to him, begins with words – a gift from God.

He noted that money alone cannot end poverty, observing that many people give money to the poor ones out of kindness, and the gesture kept the poor longer.

He recommended financial education as an antidote to poverty in the state.

He recalled that once upon a time, teaching slaves how to read and write was a great concern.

He informed that “there is a popular conspiracy theory that our educational system was designed to take care of the poor people and educate them in ways so they may become a virtuous circle of employers, consumers and taxpayers. I am not confirming the authenticity of this theory, however going by many unemployable educated graduates in our society today who have acquired knowledge that may never give them self-reliance and are now described as the lost generation, it appears there may be some truth in the conspiracy after all.”

The Labour Party governorship candidate stressed the need for curricular reformation in the school system of the country particularly Ebonyi State while promising economic development of the state.

Dr Nkwegu who underscored the idea of teaching a man how to fish would feed him for a lifetime, said “that is why our economic transformation agenda will be enabled by aggressive incubation of 13,000 micro, small and medium enterprises in two years generating 250, 000 sustainable and inclusive jobs for our youths, women, men and vulnerable people in our society when I am elected into office coming 2023 by the grace of God.”

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rev Fr JohPaul Nwankwo also in his address during the event observed that Nigerians are suffering greatly, saying prices of goods are astronomically high, no thanks to inflation by the poor managers of our economy and our leaders.”

He said the insecurity of lives and property has become the norm of the country, saying Nigerians are ready to bring back the people who have kept them in this condition in 2023 and concluded that it would be a bitter irony.

The Priest also observed: “The poor are getting poorer and dying every day. Disappointment has become our friend Hopelessness is wreaking havoc every day Frustration and anger are felt everywhere in Nigeria. Nigeria is irreversibly on a slippery slope. Nigeria is on weighing balance.”

He, therefore, urged Nigerians not to quit searching for a good leader that will give them the new Nigeria they craved and advised them not to take for granted the lessons unfolded by the Regina Pacis Foundation at her 18th anniversary.

The occasion was attended by the Speaker of Ebonyi State House Assembly – Chief Francis Nwifuru, the former member representing Ebonyi North Senatorial District – Senator Chris Nwankwo, the former Nigerian Minister – Chief Godwin Ogbaga, the Ebonyi gubernatorial candidate of the Young Progressives Party, YPp, Dr Sunday Andrew Opoke, other prominent personalities from Izhi land, other parts of Ebonyi State and beyond.

They commended the founder of the Regina Pacis Foundation, Dr Edward Nkwegu and the members for their vast impacts in humanitarian services in the society.

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