Publisher of National Panel News, Victor Weds Heartrob in grand style


The publisher of National Panel News and Journalist in Ebonyi state, Mr Victor Nwegede has taken his heartrob, Agatha to the altar on Saturday 9th December,2023.

Speaking, Hon Igwe Stephen Uchenna, Ebonyi state Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters, who’s also sponsor of the couple advised them to cling unto God and understand themselves as one always.

Igwe admonished them to always be prayerful at all seasons while calling on the wife to be closer to God as a prayerful woman is a pillar of her family.

Corroborating the sponsor, the erstwhile federal Minister of State for Power and Steel, Chief Godwin Ogbaga,OON congratulated the young couple and enjoined them to sustain the love while avoid introduce third party to their family.

Also, the Ebonyi state chairman, Nigeria Union of Journalists,Comrade Samson Nwafor congratulated Mr Nwegede to the couple and charged them to care for each other while understanding that every marriage has the ups and downs.

He advised them to set a pace that their children would be happy while they shun borrow lifestyle.

Earlier, the officiating priest, saint Michael chaplaincy,CPS Abakaliki called on the young couple to love each other devoid of material possession as wealth and prosperity comes through understanding.

“Today we have gathered to celebrate our brothers and friends who have confessed to stay together forever.

“If we look critically, the account of creation, we will agree that the scripture say woman is a companion and other account as a help mate. So, a Theology in all wisdom,in all the places,God chooses a rib for the creation of a woman.

“A woman can control a man anyhow she wants, and that’s why a man can get tired after one hour and thirty minutes in the church and would wish to go but a woman will stay till the end of the service and after several calls will come and kill you with a smile.

“Our women now looking for a rich husband and that’s why our ladies are now afraid to marry, they’re looking for a security and I asked, who will marry your own poor brothers if everybody should wait to marry only the rich?.

“Let me begin with you, Agatha and Victor, the love you are beginning today is a journey of love and eternity because it is only marriage that’s an institution that certificate is given before you graduate in the school.

“As I speak with you, if you have a car, you have to give the best of them to your wife and even if you have two cars, the most beautiful one should be given to her and; if you have good phone, give her the best one because you are to take care of her first before you, else, if you attend an event, and people asked of you, she will be pointing at you from afar.

“So, Agatha, men do not like nagging, a man was once said that he’s looking for an expiring date of their certificate. that’s how bad it’s to nag.

“Marriage is packaging; there’s this man that, everyday they come to church the man will rush and opened the door for her, she was telling her own man that he throws them out everyday in the church, but never knew that it was the wife’s side of the door that’s bad and that requires the man’s assistance and not just love.

“So, always love your husband for who he’s and love your wife for who she’s knowing that wealth and all the goodies of life are made through understanding.

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