Prepare For Future Pandemic -APHTRes To Nigerians

Association for Public Health Teaching, Research and Service(APHTRes) has called on Nigerians and the World to prepare for future pandemic.

The association said COVID-19 pandemic caused lots of disruptions not only to the economy but also to the academia and has shaken the foundation of Public Health Teaching, Research and Service to the extent that institutions had to transit to online learning and everything.

Chairman of the association, Professor Godwin Ajah stated this during 4h International Public Health Conference held in the University with the theme “Public Health Teaching, Research and Service in Africa in a Post-Pandemic Era”,

Ajah averred that the goal of the association was to promote excellence and best practices in Public Health Teaching, Research and Service across institutions offering programmes in Public Health.

“in this conference, we want to interrogate how COVID-19 has impacted Research, Teaching and Service and see how we can navigate through future pandemic because we don’t know what is coming next.

We have learnt a lot and I think that if we have to confront another pandemic, we are likely to do things differently”, he stated.

Vice Chancellor of David Umahi Federal University of Health Sciences, (DUFUHS) Uburu, Ebonyi State, Professor Jesse Uneke in his remarks said emerging and re-emerging infections will soon knock the doors of Africa and the world, adding that COVID 19 was no more emergency of public health concern,

He opined that Africa and the world need to consolidate on the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to make future better through innovations and research.

He called for a paradigm shift and radical change of mindset from where public health, teaching , research and services work in silos to return to the era where public health teaching and research are translated into implementable policies to improve population health.

“The devastating effects of COVID 19 which crumbled our health systems, tore our socio-economic lives apart were possible because of lack of cohesiveness and inter professional collaboration and training which is the need of the time.

“Public Health is so broad, dynamic, cuts across all aspects of human endeavour and adopts anything that has a system while creating systems where it doesn’t exist at all for the benefit of mankind and population health.

“COVID 19 is no more an emergency of public health concern, but other emerging and re-emerging infections will soon knock on our doors, and we only need to consolidate on the lessons from the pandemic to make future better for Africa through innovations and research which is the pride and the twin pillars upon which David Umahi University of Health Sciences sits.

“The university which started as a dream and burden to fill the lacunae existing in training all round health workforce in the country and beyond was envisioned by the former Governor of Ebonyi State and the present Hon. Minister of Work Federal Republic of Nigeria Apostle Engr. David Nweze Umahi FNSE and became a reality about 3 years ago.

“The university which is dedicated to changing the face of medical and health training in Nigeria has attained many milestones within the short time it has existed and one of it is the hosting of the 4th International Public Health Conference which is the first of its kind among the universities in Southeast Nigeria.

“Welcome to the university of renewed hope for medical and health education in Nigeria with ebullient drive of producing health professionals with cutting edge skills to meet the innovational and technological need of the 21″ century medical and health market. Our vision is to achieve the highest form of quality manpower development for healthcare and other service delivery for all persons irrespective of gender, race. religion, and socio-economic status.

“The mission of the University is to serve mankind with the highest form of professionalism, ethics and excellence by training highly qualified health professionals who will work to improve health conditions, alleviate sickness, suffering and pain through the provision of high quality, efficient , cost-effective, and integrated healthcare with compassion.

The distinctive features of the university rests on the twin pivot of research and innovation. It is therefore not a coincidence that we are hosting this year’s conference with the theme Public Health Teaching, Research and Services in a Post-Pandemic Era” which is the need of the time”, he stated.

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