Opposition scared of Umahi’s senatorial candidacy—Chaka Nweze


A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ebonyi state, Chief Chaka Nweze has said that politicians who failed abjectly in their obligations in the various public offices that they served in the past and presently are conspiring to ensure that Governor David Umahi does not make it to the senate.

Nweze, the Pioneer Secretary of the party in the state made the assertion in Abakaliki, noting that Umahi’s sterling performance as a state governor is unmatched and the opposition is worried that the prospects of the governor in the senate is capable of shedding a light on their collective underperformance.

This is why he opined that Mrs Ann Agom-Eze is being used by the opposition to cover their paranoid inhibitions in an attempt to ensure that the APC flags a candidate that will be easier to defeat at the polls on election Day.

“The facts speak for themselves, Mrs Ann Agom Eze withdrew from the senatorial contest with a sworn affidavit to that effect. It is bewildering that the party leadership at the center is yet to make a statement on the subject.

The right to exercise franchise cannot be overemphasized and should not be trampled on. However one’s need for selfish recognisance should not trump the collective ambition of our party in ensuring that we are effectively represented in the senate from the south east.

“Adequate representation and gender parity are key issues in today’s politics, the need for inclusion cannot be overemphasized as-well. However inclusion should not just be a sentimental exercise if the candidate is not viable. A strong viable candidate should fly the party’s flag aimed at winning and ensuring that that the party has enough seats to secure the majority in the senate.

“Our opposition is aware that with Umahi as the party’s candidate, the senatorial seat’s contest will be well contested with an overwhelming victory for the performing governor.

He noted that Umahi’s performances in office has stood him out among other leaders as he has become a reference point in the country on issues of excellent performances in office.

“We would not sit and allow mere political debauchery and gimmick make the people of Ebonyi south zone, lose the effective representation with accompanying democratic dividends which the governor will offer as their senator”.

He particularly pointed at the main opposition party in the state for sponsoring Agom-Eze in her actions including a rebellious set of APC members still reeling from the crashing of their factionalisation bid after the last primaries.

“We are seeing a main opposition party in Ebonyi which hàs been destroyed by internal wranglings with its legal tussle for state chairmanship, gubernatorial ànd other positions, reaching the supreme court.

“Instead of looking for how to mend their torn umbrella, it is busy trying to create a failed distraction to the governor’s senatorial bid.

“Ebonyi south zone cannot afford to have the sort of abysmal representation it is currently having from that party and no amount of gimmick will stop the governor from righting the inherent wrongs.

Nweze also urged the party to take cognisance of rebels in its fold and check their inimical actions with the general elections approaching.

“It is time to determine those for us and against us as we cannot in the bid to accommodate everyone, find ourselves in a quagmiric situation like the main opposition party in the state.

“We should also evaluate the character of members aspiring for various offices because for someone to cause untold embarrassment to the governor after withdrawing from a contest, dipicts an unstable character.

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