NRM Candidate For Ebonyi House of Assembly Pledges To Tackle insecurity Ivo LGA

Polycarp Sola-Abakaliki

The candidate of the National Rescue Mission (NRM) vying to represent the people of Ivo Constituency at the Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Comrade Orji Joseph Okeke has pledged to tackle insecurity in his Constituency if elected to represent them at the general elections.

In his New Year’s message, Orji emphasized that he would partner with security agencies to put an end to the security challenges; “especially within Ishiagu Junction, Ojukwu bus stop and its environ”.

Orji, said he would run an open door policy to bring unity among the people and prioritize the needs of students, restoration of light as well the establishment of a commercial bank in Ivo.

My administration hopeful will run an open door policy; there shall be peace and unity in Ivo LGA, and we shall take priority of students’ needs and welfare.

“We shall see to the restoration of light in Ivo LGA, and see to the introduction of commercial bank in Ivo LGA“. he said.

He called on the people to support his candidacy and political party at the general elections with the assurance that he would work for the development of the Ivo Constituency.

It’s our time, let’s join hands together to make Ivo LGA a happy home both for ourselves and our future generation”. it added.

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