Nigeria Has The Most Industrious Youths In The World – Don Tee

By Ignatius Chinedu Soroibe

A renowned business man, Mr Tony Orji Jeremiah a.k.a Don Tee business associates, from Edda Afikpo south L G A of Ebonyi State but resides in owerri, has said that his acts of charity which has culminated in giving, was because of his experience while growing up in life.

He said this in an exclusive interview with Nigeria newspoint newspaper on Thursday,10th August, 2023 in owerri.

“I went through hardship while growing up in life, that made me to know how painful it is when people are not in their comfort zones, I try to help or push people up when they are not in their comfort zones.

“I know what i passed through while growing up in life ,I passed through hardship and I feel like making people not to pass through it ,if it is possible, if it is in my powers, that is why I give”

Comparing life in Nigeria with that of other African countries where he has resided” he said that ‘South Sudan, North Sudan, Senegal, Ghana, Benin Republic, etc that things that can be used to compare these countries with Nigeria will be their infrastructure and other social amenities, that these countries are higher than Nigeria”

He said “he has helped a lot of people and also sent some people abroad with his hard earned money and they disappointed him which made him to regret such assistance.

Continuing, he emphasized that he has benefited from people and he is still benefiting from the people he has helped before insisting that what makes you grow is your experience and interactions with people, some will end very well and some will go otherwise According to him “such is life” he cannot be deterred by such negative attitudes and resolves of some people.

The great Don tee described the Nigeria youths “as the most industrious and hard working youths in the whole world” which is in contrast with what our former president Mohammad Buhari said years back.

He recalled attending commercial secondary school. finished at o’level from there he reached the apex level that he is today, he advised Nigeria youths to do everything legit “everything they are doing, they should do their best and keep moving because nothing good comes easy they should keep on striving,once they try and fail they should try again.

They should adopt persistence as their watch word”.

Reacting to news making the rounds that he sponsored some politicians in Ebonyi state in the last general election, he said no, insisting that he only helps people but whatever they do with the money remains their business.

He said he only gives people a helping hand which they can translate to another thing insisting that he is a business man and has no intentions of joining politics in future on the recent total deregulation of the petroleum down stream, that is, the final removal of petroleum subsidy by president Tinubu.

Don tee said he is not disposed to talk about it since he has leased all his filling stations to people and collects his due at the end of the year .

Don Tee said that he has a close relationship with God having been baptized at Assemblies of God church, grew to become a Sunday school teacher, moved to church of Christ of the latter day saints, where he became a Mormon and a priest, he gives sacrament of the holy communion every Sunday with total abstainance from food in umuahia, Abia state, he has also gone on pilgrimage at the churches “Heaven”,at Ukpulo Umuobo in Isiala Ngwa also in Abia state.

He insisted that “youths as well as other other should amend their ways and follow God whose only son our lord Jesus Christ died on the cross to save mankind from sin and destruction.

Meanwhile Don tee is to bury his late mother Ezinne Loveth Jeremiah Orji Ekpu on the 26th of August, 2023 at Eziama libolo Edda Afikpo South Local Government Area of Ebonyi State south east Nigeria,his home town.

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