Newly Built Chairman’s Lodge By Ohaozara Council Boss: A Legacy Worth Emulating

The Newly Built Chairman’s Lodge ( Rachael Umahi’s Lodge) By Hon. Mrs Nkechinyere Iyioku Ohaozara Local Government Chairman: A Legacy Worth Emulating

By Benjamin Chukwuebuka Simon

According to Effin Heros, “true leaders are selfless. They have always been servant of the people first.” This averment describes the person and leadership style of the indefatigable Chairman of Ohaozara Local Government Area, Hon. Mrs (Chief) Princess Nkechinyere Iyioku. A woman who is in the heart of many because of the highest degree of selflessness she displayed as a council Chairman.

Chief Mrs Iyioku is a servant leader who considers her people first before herself. She’s the best Council Chairman ever produced in the history of Ohaozara Local Government. She’s the best in infrastructure and human empowerment. Amongst other Council Chairmen, Mrs Iyioku has the highest number of SAs and political appointee she pays hugely.

Apart from road and bridge construction, boreholes, scholarship to indigent students, empowerment of the youths and so many other projects done by her, the new Chairman’s Lodge she built cought my attention mostly. I’m not surprised that she built such gigantic structure as Chairman’s Lodge because she has been known for doing great, but I’m highly touched that she built such when she is leaving office for the next Council Chairman to enjoy. Just months to leave office, she raised such lodge equiped and furnished with everything needed in a house which she won’t enjoy but for her successor. What a selfless leader!

This grassroot mobilizer, Chief Mrs Iyioku has left a legacy by raising this structure and history will never forget her.

To God be the glory.

Chukwuebuka Cares………..

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