New yam festival: APGA guber candidate celebrates with Ehugbo indigenes in Ebonyi

By Maxwell Okechukwu


The Indigenous People of Ehugbo in Afikpo North Local Government Area of  Ebonyi State, in every nook and cranny  experiences celebration dynamite in their  New yam festival celebration 2022 , as All Progressive Alliance (APGA) Gubernatorial candidate, Professor Ben Ifenyi Chukwu Odo and his political entourage, Joined in the celebration, to mark their New calendar year.

Prof. Odo and his team,  who tour round all the villages of the  Area was carried away with joy on the way and manner people came out in mass to receive them in all the villages and Areas they enter.

while addressing them in their various gathering, allows their representatives Speakers to speak on behalf of the people, in enabling  him to know  their minds and needs for a solution to their demands and wants.

The People on  their request demanded for reconnection of Electricity in all the  Communities  that made up the Local  Government Area, which  has been abandoned for  couple of years,  which  many of the erected polls are  delapedating, also some roads that are not  motorable, while those earlier constructed has turn to a death trap,  mostly the major road  Afikpo/Abakaliki express way.

“which the present administration are promising to dualise yet nothing has been done, meanwhile they are rounding up to an end.”

“Infrastructure we are not benefiting like any other Local governments Areas in the State has benefited.”

“Empowerment we are hearing of it on Radio while most closed Local governments are receiving theirs, even when the main Eke market was raise down by fire outbreak, till now the State government has not done any thing to the affected victims.”

The People in conclusion said”  Afikpo in general are not going to base their voting on party, rather on those that will look properly the affairs and welfare of her people and the Area.

Professor Odo,who in reciprocation promised the entire people that if voted him into power come 2023 general Election. that he will fulfill all that he is promising them.

He also made it known, that Ehugbo Indigenous and Umuekumenyi  are  from the same ground  parents, thereby naming and answering the same names, Ekuma and  other. Names.

And Calls on Ehugbo people to  massively vote for him on the fourth coming 2023 general Election, that all his promises to them, would be fulfilled.

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