Mayor Super Cup 2022:
4 teams set for semifinals

By The Editor

The superlative Mayor Super Cup 2022 has entered its final stages.

The competition which has achieved its aim of uniting youths in Abakaliki has entered the decisive stages. The actions still inside the impressive Pa Ngele Oruta stadium, the progenetor of the ultra-modern 30,000 Olympic stadium Abakaliki. The semifinals beckon on the weekend of November 12-13, 2022.

Group A saw police FC and Bankers FC qualifying for the semi final. Police played four matches: won two, drew two, lost none, goals favour was eight, goals against was three and goals difference was +five and it had eight points.

Bankers trailed in second place. The team played four matches, won one, drew two, lost one, goals favour was three, goals against was three, zero goal difference with five points.

Group B had its stars qualifying. All stars came first while future stars trailed. All stars played three matches, won one, drew two, lost none, goal favour was seven, goal against three, goal difference +four with five points.

Future stars came second, playing three matches, won one, drew two, lost none, goal favour five, goal against two, goal difference +three with five points.


Two issues propped but were effectively handled. They however made the canvas for organisers of such competitions to evolve more proactive steps in future.

Salt FC in group A, overcame its initial registration hooplas to place third, in the same equilibrium with second placed Bankers. Salt played four matches, won one, drew two, lost one, goal favour one, goal against one, goal difference none with five points. They perred with Bankers in all aspects.

The question then became which between it and bankers should qualify. It felt it should go through having conceded less goals. The rules however applies that the the team which scores higher should go through.

“That is the standard” says Lewis Obi, a Soccer Analyst. This calls for proper enlightenment on team officials before and during competitions of this magnitude. They should show know the rules and its due application”.

The second issue was dense. Lions FC in group B, cried foul that the All Stars team fielded an ineligible player. However, according to the organisers, they took the wrong steps to register their complaints.

It copied its petition to the authorities it was not supposed to, without allowing the Main Organising Committee (MOC) handle such first. Also according to the MOC, Lions quoted the inappropriate section of the rules governing the competition in laying its complaint.

The Lions felt All stars should be sanctioned and it should go through. That was not to be as it placed third behind Future stars, though with the same five points, had a lesser goal difference of +two to future’s + three.

This still posed the challenge to the organisers to evolve more proactive ways of detectig cheats and a call to the teams as they vie in the semis, to search their consciences and play right.

With the four teams slugging in the semi finals, the exhiliarating scenario promises to be more than football.

…..Maxwell Umahi is a Goooaaalll….

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