INSIDE LIFE: How Ebonyi Rev Sister Allegedly Order Male Staff To Flog Parent

Polycarp Sola-Abakaliki

Numerous cases of bullying have characterized the Nigerian secondary school system, over the years, students, particularly those in boarding schools have been victimized by thier seniors and even tutors.

It is however a concern, when a parent who enrolled his or her child in a school becomes subjected to assault and humiliation by a school management while in the course to watch after thier wards.

Reverend sister Esther Uchenna Nwobi, who doubles as the Principal of St Theresa Secondary School, okpaugwu in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State has allegedly ordered her male staffs to flog one Mrs Chukwudelu Chisom who came to enquire about her daughter’s expulsion by the school management.

Inside life would authoritatively report from the Eye witness point of view, that trouble started when Mrs Chisom received the shocking news of her daughter’s I’ll treatment by Rev Sister Esther.

According to the daughter of the victim, Chimaobi Jennifer, who was arbitrarily expelled from the school, narrated that her odeal started when a junior student, Dike Chioma (SS1) Allegedly inserted a piece of paper in a student’s mouth and she went to correct the situation.

“On that day, we got a report that someone is sleeping in the class and his classmate insert a piece of paper in his mouth.

“We called her (Ibe Odinaka) and she refused coming, I went to her and she refused, I asked her to follow me to my class and told her to kneel down but she refused, I then flogged her to make her obey but she started fighting me that my class mates had to help me.

“She went and reported me to my maths teacher who laid me on the table and flogged me, he gave her 500 naira to buy ken for him to flog me

“He gave me seventeen strokes and flogged other students who refused to hold me. We got to the principals office and she gave us twelve strokes of cane and labor.

“She asked us to apologize to the girl which we did, my mother saw the beaten on me and she was not happy, she called the principal to explain but she stops her calls.

“I went to school the next day and the principal called me into her office and said she has expelled me for bringing my mother to fight for me in school.

“When I told my mother that I was expelled, she said we should go to the school and see the principal, when my mother started asking, two male teachers, came and started shouting at her, and they flogged my mother.” she narrated.

Chisom was a game perfect, and according to an insider, the school regulations permit functionaries to discipline a disobedient student.

Mrs Chisom, has called on the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) of the school as well as the security agencies to intervene into the expulsion of her daughter and seek justice for the assault meted out on her.

“I want them to apologize to my daughter for the injustice they did to her because she is a woman, and they treated her like a criminal for discharging her job as a school prefect, and for also flogging her mother in the presence of the whole school”. she said.

When contacted on the phone, Reverend sister Esther Uchenna Nwobi could not avail herself for further verification as she maintained that she has to conclude with the Bishop, before an official statement on the matter.

“We are having a meeting with the Bishop, just expect my call, I have your number I will call you”. This, she has not done and have refused to comment until now.

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