I’m totally in support of Nwifuru’s Govt. – Says Ogba, LP lawmaker

Polycarp Sola

The lawmaker representing Onicha East constituency in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly, on the platform of the Labor Party (LP), Hon. Celestine Ifeanyi Ogba, has said that he is completely in support of Governor Nwifuru’s administration, which is centered on the people’s charter of needs.

Hon. Ogba, who disclosed this during an interview with journalists at the Usborn Lapalm Resort in Abakaliki, the state capital, immediately after the swearing in of 64 Development Center coordinators and special assistants by Governor Nwifuru, stated that he was 100 percent connected with Governor Nwifuru’s mantra, noting that it would enhance the welfare of Ebonyians, of which his constituency is not excluded.

According to him, the people’s agenda of needs has captured sensitive areas of human development such as education, health, agriculture, transportation, and the welfare of civil servants, among others, and therefore urged the people as well as the stakeholders to support the governor in order to bring out the best in his administration.

The lawmaker, however, maintained that he has no intention of defecting from the labor party because his party would not oppose any government in power because, from the onset, the labor party in the state had supported the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate during the last gubernatorial elections.

“I made bold to say that I’m 100% in support of Gov. Nwifuru’s agenda of the people’s charter of needs because it is grassroots-oriented; it talks about my uncle’s and my age-grandmother’s in rural communities. On this basis, I support Governor Nwifuru’s government.

“The people’s charter of needs agenda addresses education, health, transportation, and civil servant welfare, and therefore, I am 100 percent in support of Governor Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru’s administration on these matters.

“As it stands now, I am for the Labour Party, and the Labour Party doesn’t oppose the government in power because we supported Ebonyi APC when it came to the gubernatorial election, and you know that we are the first party that made it clear to whoever is calling himself opposition.

“Because some people will call me opposition, but I’m not opposing the governor, and if you are not opposing the governor, you are not opposing his administration.” The lawmaker explained.

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