I will create 13,000 micro-enterprises in 2 years, end poverty in Ebonyi – Edon

Polycarp Sola-Abakaliki

The gubernatorial candidate of the Labor Party (LP) in Ebonyi State, Dr. Edward Nkwegu ( Edon) says he would create 13,000 micro small, and medium enterprises to address the issue of unemployment as well as end poverty in the State if elected governor in 2023.

Nkwegu, put on the declaration as part of his four-point agenda in Abakaliki the State capital, Friday, during his official endorsement by the civil society action group for Peter Obi and all LP Candidates contesting elections in the State come 2023.

According to him,  the 13,000 micro and small medium enterprises would create job opportunities for about 250,000 people, noting it would go a long way to curb several crises in the state which primarily emanate as results of unemployment.

He said the four-point agenda would focus on the economic transformation of the State, agricultural modernization, and infrastructural enhancement through the provision of basic things such as pipe bone water.

Others include mineral exploration as well as the development of the mineral deposits in the State into proper usage to yield positive impacts on the livelihood of the people.

I’m going to create 13,000 micro and small medium enterprise in two years, that will employ about 250,000 persons,

“I will look into agricultural modernization, to be able to involve the youths in Agriculture, because what we use now is outdated, the hoe and cutlass can no longer feed the population that we have now in the state,  we need to improve on agriculture by the introduction of modern techniques.

“Infrastructural enhancement, through the provision  of  basic things like pipe bone water in the State, right now we don’t have pipe bone water,

Mineral exploration, development of our mineral deposits in such a way that it would bring positive effects to the economy“. he said.

He maintained that he would initiate civil programs to look into education and ensure access to infrastructures, and curricular reformation that would be relevant in such a way that it would reflect the present-day society.

We’ll look into health care delivery, we’ll look at the empowerment of our youths, women, and the vulnerable people in the society”. he added.

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