Chief Ogodoali Moses Nomeh ( *Imoha 1 of Imoha* ), a visionary leader, has played a significant role in harnessing the immense agricultural potential of Ebonyi State. Through his strategic initiatives and unyielding dedication, he has transformed the agrarian landscape, revolutionizing the lives of farmers and positioning the state as an agricultural powerhouse.

Picture a land blessed with fertile soil, where the sun kisses the earth, and bountiful harvests thrive. That land is Ebonyi State, and it was under the capable leadership of Chief Ogodoali Moses Nomeh that this vision turned into a reality. As the Commissioner for Agriculture, Chief Nomeh spearheaded numerous initiatives that spurred growth, productivity, and innovation in the agricultural sector.

During his tenure, Chief Nomeh championed the “Green Revolution” campaign, which aimed to increase agricultural productivity by promoting modern farming techniques and providing farmers with access to cutting-edge technologies. Through this initiative, he introduced advanced irrigation systems, improved seed varieties, and enhanced farming practices, enabling farmers to achieve higher yields and secure their livelihoods.

But Chief Nomeh’s efforts didn’t stop there. He recognized that sustainable agriculture is not only about increasing productivity but also about ensuring market access and improving value chains. To this end, he implemented the “Farm-to-Market” programme, which established robust infrastructure networks to connect rural farmers directly to consumers and markets. This initiative eliminated intermediaries and allowed farmers to earn higher profits, empowering them to reinvest in their farms and communities.

Under Chief Nomeh’s leadership, Ebonyi State experienced an agricultural renaissance. Farmers were no longer confined to subsistence farming but were instead equipped with the tools and knowledge to embrace commercial agriculture. The once struggling farmers became thriving entrepreneurs, driving economic growth and creating employment opportunities in the process.

Today, we find Chief Ogodoali Moses Nomeh at the helm of Ezza North local government area. As the local government chairman, he carries the torch of progress, aiming to replicate the remarkable success he achieved as the Commissioner for Agriculture. Chief Nomeh understands that the challenges faced by farmers at the grassroots level are unique and requires targeted solutions.

As the Chairman of all local government chairmen in Ebonyi State, Chief Nomeh is in a position to influence policies, mobilize resources, and foster collaboration among various stakeholders. His strategic vision and relentless dedication are vital in driving the agricultural agenda forward, ensuring that the people of Ezza North and beyond can enjoy the fruits of sustainable development.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chief Ogodoali Moses Nomeh has proven time and time again that transformative change is possible. His achievements as the Commissioner for Agriculture in Ebonyi State and his current role as the Chairman of Ezza North local government area inspire us all to aim higher, dream bigger, and work harder to unlock the immense potential that lies within our communities.

*Hon. Obinna Nwafor Celestine, President General, Ekka Youth and Supervisor for Agric. in Ezza North Local Government Area.*

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