Factional CAN Urges Ebonyi Government To Stop Recognizing Nwokolo As Chairman

Nkume Peter, Abakaliki

The Factional Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN in Ebonyi State has urged Ebonyi State Government to stop giving recognition to His Eminence Scamb Nwokolo as the Chairman of CAN.

The Chairman of the Factional CAN, Pastor Aloysius Ogah made this plea while addressing Journalists in Abakaliki the State Capital.

Pastor Aloysius Ogah alleged that Nwokolo embezzled N100m and 1000 bags of 50k rice given by the Governor of the State for Christmas.

Ogah added “Lack of probity and accountability in the secular world is bad enough, but, when it occurs in the house of God, where the light of integrity is supposed to hold sway, we as humans lack words to describe it. The word of God – in John chapter 1 vs 4-5, says “in him (Jesus) was life, and the life was the light of men.And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not”. This scripture is eminently defeated in the life of men when the darkness of corruption overwhelms the light of probity and accountability in any of us. Being so disposed or positioned, we hang very dangerously over hell fire, where their norms die not and their fires do not quench – Mark chapter 9 vs 43 – 50. But it is really bad that any of us should be cast into hell fire after we have preached to others to keep them off from hell”

“It is for this very reason of judgement and hell fire that we hereby call on all personal friends of His Eminence Rev. Dr. Scamb Chinedu Nwokolo the former Chairman of CAN, Ebonyi State Chapter to plead with him to render account of the N100m and 1000 bags of 50kg rice given to CAN by our dear governor. His Excellency, Builder Ogbonna Nwifuru during the Christmas of 2023. He should also give account of one unit sienna car which he collected wrongly as head of block of OAIC when he should not have; being not head of block. If it is not possible for him to give this required and necessary accounts or records of disbursements, let him simply provide the money and rice and we will take the trouble of judiciously disbursing them to CAN members. This is simple justice”

“On the other hand, His Eminence, Rev. Dr. Scamb Chinedu Nwokolo should deny receiving the N100m, 1000 bags of 50kg rice and sienna car. If His Eminence is not denying nor rendering the required account, heshould simply provide the N100m and other items of rice and sienna car. God requires His Eminence, as a steward of His to be faithful-2 Corinthians chapter 4 vs 1-2”

“pastors and elders of the church under Ebonyi State CAN, to kindly exercise to do the needful of rendering the required account, deny receiving the gifts of to judiciously disburse them. If His Eminence should neglect this call of His God would surely step into the matter- Ezekiel 33 vs 1-6. We are watchmen over one another.
In proverbs chapter 20 v 17, God said that the “Bread of deceit is sweet to a man, but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel” In view of this scripture and many other sister scriptures, for a whooping sum of N100m, 1000bags of 50kg rice and a sienna car to just vamoose in the hands of one man and his treasurer-Pastor Solomon Eriugo – is certainly very dangerous. God is very slow to anger and is abundant in mercy but at the same time, He is a consuming fire – Psalm 103 vs 8 and Hebrews chapter 12 vs 29″

“On the rumours circulating around that the government has written a letter disclaiming pastor Aloy Ogah and his group, we comment as follows: That Ebonyi State government never wrote any letters disclaiming us at all contrary to the circulating rumours. On the other hand, in a letter dated 26th February,2024, and signed by the secretary to the state government, Prof. Grace Umezuruike, it is stated that Government is not interested in the change of leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ebonyi State Chapter”and further stated that “You are therefore requested to be properly guided”. This letter was received with great joy and strictly adhered to. We have stated this fact for the purposes of emphasis and clearing of doubts; because this letter has been a mighty compass to guide us in our fight against the unrestrained corruption and greed being planted in our CAN by satan, the devil. We also applaud the state government for not being distracted from her “Peoples Chatter of needs programme by the internal politics of CAN, though, an important non-governmental Organization – NGO. This is a show of responsibility and focus in its highest order or level”. He said

“We,however, do point out that not being interested in the leadership tussle in Ebonyi CAN does not, in any way, imply that government is not interested in the whooping sum of N100m, 1000 bags of 50kg rice which she gave as Christmas largesse to CAN membership. We do not need any prophet to prophesy to us that government is full interested. Why? No responsible government will give out any value, no matter how small, much more when a whooping sum of N100m, 1000 bags of 50kg rice and a sienna car is involved. Categorically disbursed or distributed and we are hereby demanding that His Eminence, Rev.Treasurer of CAN respectively – render an account, deny receiving the demand of government is silent but loud in heaven before God who inspired the on the matter should be taken very seriously. This is morality”

it is being rumoured in some quarters that because up till now the police have not made any arrests following the report made by Pastor Aloy Ogah and his group, His Eminence, Rev, Dr. Scamb Chinedu Nwokolo and Pastor Solomon Eriugo have done nothing. Our comment is that we have made our report to the relevant authority of law with an unflinching confidence – in them.
Let everyone remember and keep in mind that the largesse was meant for all the servants and stewards of God, especially those hungry and sick ministers languishing in the rural areas in God’s services. What we sow, we shall reap in God’s own timetable”. He said.

It would be recalled that Ebonyi State Government had earlier written to Pastor Aloysius Ogah that the State Government is not interested in change of Leadership of CAN.

Meanwhile, His Eminence Scamb Nwokolo had earlier stated that there is nothing like Embezzlement Of anything Money nor diversion of any rice as alleged by Dr Ogah.

Nwokolo said all the Christmas Largess given by the Governor Francis Nwifuru to CAN has been distributed accordingly.

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