Eze-elect harps on the need for a community Hospital

By Ignatius Chinedu Soroibe

The Eze- elect of Egbelu Ishi Obiangwu autonomous community, in Ngor Okpala local government area of Imo state, Eze Doctor Cletus lukeman Nkwocha Amadi, has harped on the need for a functional Ultra – Modern hospital in his community, the in- coming royal father stated this in an exclusive interview with Nigeria Newspoint Newspapers on Wednesday 24 January, 2024 in his palace at umuwaoma Egbelu Ishi Obiangwu .

The incoming royal father who is also a native doctor and a traditional medical practitioner with many decades of congitive experience in native medicine for curative and preventive for sickness like pile, Mental disorder, bareness, low sperm count, chronic infertility etc, equally deploys local herbs to perform” miracles’ hence his Chieftaincy title of Oguguom,which presupposes that he “wakes dead people” using herbs through the power of God.

He said that He” has kept over two hundred plots of land waiting for the government to use it for the building of the Community Hospital where he will treat the aforementioned sicknesses
The popular Eze-elect who is also a philanthropist to the core pointed out that”

He started getting involved in philanthropism and community development at his prime age, recalled how he gave money to Obiangwu development union to build a hall, out of the total sum of six hundred thousand naira,He single handedly brought sixty thousand naira, he also brought money for erecting lock-up shops in Eke Obiangwu market.He provided the money with which Obiangwu development union opened community account and he paid Six million naira into that account.

He brought the money for the provision of UNICEF brand of portable water in the community, during the period that his people were going to Ngwuoma in Owerri north local government area to fetch water.

He reconstructs and maintains all the feeder roads in his community to make them motorable.

The education friendly Eze -elect said that “He has sent four sons of Egbelu Ishi Obiangwu abroad for further studies,these kids are not his biological children, to the glory of God, they are all doing well.

He also pointed out that he offsets medical bills incurred by some indigent sons and daughters of the community in other hospitals, he pays school fees for indigent students of the community’s extraction, even widows are not left out, he said that he once gave them 68bags of rice, 89 bags of fertilizer while the men got one fat cow ,plus one(Dyna) lorry load of yams, the men also got in addition cullasses for bush clearing and maintaince of pathways to ensure easy accessibility to the three villages that make up Egbelu ishi Obiangwu, namely umuwaoma, umunehi and Umuchoko,He promised to do more if he ascends the throne.

Reacting to the question whether these acts of benevolence was a ploy to grab the traditional stool,he said “No,that he did many of these things during the reign of the late former traditional ruler of the community,Eze J .I. Mgbemere.

On how how he rates other contestants “He said, This is not house of Assembly, this is not House of representatives and it’s neither Senate but traditional stool that requires one to be grounded in the tradition and culture of his people,you cannot rule your community from Abroad .

Therefore having served the former tradition ruler for 36 years as well as served other cabinet members and elders that he is the most qualified for the coverted seat of the traditional ruler because these services predisposed him to be “vast in IGBO language and tradition, Obiangwu language and tradition as well as Egbelu ishi Obiangwu language and tradition” according to him.

He added that he knows the traditional boundaries of the community “Other contestants may be richer than me but I am more knowledgeable than them in the areas of tradition.

In an answer to the question on whether he will give Olive branch to the other contestants if eventually he becomes the traditional ruler he Said”I will welcome them , these are my senior brothers, rich and powerful. I needed them for the growth and development of my Community because of the weight and contacts they carry”.

Meanwhile the Oguguom of Egbelu Ishi Obiangwu said “He discharged six patients from his clinics who could not pay their medical bills last December because of the reason for the season.While some of his friends and associates paid for the discharge of some other patients to honour him.

Recall that many agencies of government pays periodic visits to his clinics to assertin the genuiness of his medicine like National drug law enforcement Agency , NDLEA, Federal university of technology Owerri.F U T O. Also interacted with him.

He has also won many laurels from both local and international organisations.
The incoming royal father is blessed with four wives and sixteen children, many of them studied in reputable institutions of higher learning and are practising in Europe and America.

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