EEDC Migrates to the New Vending System

Polycarp Sola -Abakaliki

The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) has announced its migration to a new vending system known as the superEdge that would enable its customers to upgrade their meters.

According to Mr. Ekeka Ezeh, head of corporate communication, in a statement released to journalists, customers who were unable to recharge their meters prior to the introduction of the new vending system can now do so.



“The Enugu Electricity Distribution Company PLC (EEDC) has migrated to its new vending system, SuperEdge, following a successful rollover on Saturday, in readiness for the STS prepaid meter upgrade.

Customers who were unable to recharge their meters during the rollover period because of the vending platform that was shut down can now conveniently purchase tokens, recharge, and upgrade their meters.

With the completion of the rollover, the very first token purchased by customers will come with the Key Change Tokens (KCTs) needed to upgrade the meters. These are three sets of 20-digit tokens that customers are expected to punch into their meters.

The first 20 digits will be punched into the meter, after which the customer should press the “enter” button; the same should be done for the second 20 digits and the third 20 digits to have the meter upgraded.

Customers who might still have earlier purchased tokens yet to be loaded onto their meters are advised to ensure theyload them before administering the three sets of 20-digit tokens, as once the meter is upgraded, such tokens will no longer be accepted by the meter.

The prepaid meter upgrade is compulsory for all customers using STS-compliant prepaid meters, and the meters are expected to have been upgraded by November 24, 2024.

The exercise is free and at no cost to customers, and it does not affect Postpaid or Standalone customers.

Customers can recharge their meters through “EnergyPay” by simply logging on to the EEDC website ( and clicking the “Make Payment” button, or through the EEDC Connect App. 

For inquiries and clarification on the upgrade, customers can reach out to EEDC through its call center by dialing: 084 700 100. MTN users should dial:02084700100,” it stated.

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