Ebonyi varsity Don proffers Solutions to stress management in human


Prof Chuks Edeogu, Professor of Nutritional and Technological Biochemistry, Ebonyi State University says, it’s impossible to entirely avoid stress in human life, but can be managed by identifying the factors that cause it.

Edeogu made the assertion during the 22nd Inaugural Lecture he delivered at the Information Technology and Communication Centre of the Institution on Thursday in Abakaliki.

It reports that the lecture held under the destinguship Chairmanship of Prof Chigozie Ogbu, Vice-Chancellor of the University was entitled: “Biochemistry of Oxidative Stress: The Mitigating Role of Harbal Plants.”

Edeogu, Lecturer in the Department of Biochemistry, described stress as a disturbance in an individual’s homeostatic balance, with which the body attempts to cope.

He noted that stress can be acute, that is, immediate response to stressor, or chronic, a state caused by a constant stress stimulus.

Edeogu explained that factor or event that causes stress is called a “stressor” which include physical or physiological or biochemical changes in the body, environment, life events or behaviours.

The Don said that stress response system in human body begins from the brain and to the other organs.

“Stress can affect the body in many ways and not limited to one or two organs, or systems. Stress affects both physical as well as mental health.

“The effect of stress on the body may differ among people. It may vary depending on factors such as the genotype, sex, age, physiological, biochemical conditions and past experiences of the person.

“Stress can reduce sex drive, increase depression, insomnia, weakened immune system, risk of heart attack, heartburn, high blood pressure, aging amongst others,” he added.

On stress management, the Lecturer said the first step was to identify the factors, which cause the stress and engage self to good diet to keep mentally and physically healthy.

“Make regular exercise a part of your life. Keeping yourself active not only reduces stress but also helps in easing stress. Physical exercise stimulates the body to release serotonin and endorphins, which help in relieving stress and boosting mood.

“Always try to have a little time for meditation and yoga exercise. Have a good social network because sitting alone with your problems will never help solve your problems. It will increase the stress in your life and always try to be positive,” Edeogu said.

The University Don commended the use of Harbal medicine among people, noting that Nigeria is greatly endowed with a biodiversity of harbal plants and has been exploited in the healthcare delivery system, particularly in the rural settings.

“Available statistics have shown that despite the rapid expansion of conventional medicine, majority of Nigerians still utilise herbs, and the harbal remedies are efficient,” Edeogu explained.

He stated the need to deploy harbal plants like moringa oleifera to hand the life-threatening problem, especially Oxidative stress.

The Don described Oxidative stress as disturbance in the balance between the production of free radicals and antioxidants in favour of the oxidants.

“This can lead to cell damage at molecular level,” he added.

Earlier in his opening remark, Ogbu, the Vice-Chancellor of the University tasked other professors in the school on the importance of inaugural lecture as it promotes academic activities.

The Vice-Chancellor enjoined Professors, who are yet to present theirs to work hard and let the public know where and what you have laboured to have gotten to the level of professorship.

‘I, therefore congratulate the man standing here, today to enlighten the public and those, who have supported him,” Ogbu added

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