“Ebonyi people should support Nwifuru as Umahi’ s successor”—Nweze, APC Stalwart


A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ebonyi state, Chief Chaka Nweze has urged Ebonyi people to ensure that Chief Francis Nwifuru succeds incumbent Governor David Umahi when he exists office in May 2023.

Nweze, the Pioneer Secretary of the party in the state gave the urge in Abakaliki in an interview, noting that several factors have propped to be considered in ensuring that Ebonyi makes this right choice in 2023.

The Former Vice Chairman of the state chapter of the Association of Local Government Areas of Nigeria (ALGON) said that prevailing circumstances in the state suggests that equity was the surest means of sustaining the peace and harmony in the state.

The former Executive Chairman of Ohaozara Local Government Area of Ebonyi state said that on equity basis, Nwifuru should be considered because he is the only candidate of any of the major political parties which fielded a guber candidate from the northern senatorial zone.

“The north presented the first executive governor of the state from 1999 to 2007, the central presented the next from 2007 to 2015 and emotions swayed that the next governor should come from the southern zone.

“Even though some of us were critical of the candidature of the governor as it were, which made some of us to support a candidate from the north. little did we know that the mercy of God was on the governor which is evident in what we are seeing today in Ebonyi”, he said.

“The then governor, Chief Martin Elechi also supported a candidate from the northern zone but the sympathy had swayed to the south.”

He noted that the Izzi clan which is the biggest in the northern zone even overwhelmingly supported Umahi from the south and abandoned their son, Edward Nkwegu to vote for Umahi.

“You needed to be in the state at that period to see the level of emotional attachment towards the southern candidate and this should be replicated now,”

Nweze who is the APC Campaign Council Coordinator for Ohaozara LGA, said that Nwifuru should be massively supported by Ebonyi people because he is a protege of the man who has given the state good governance, most especially in the area of infrastructure.

“Ebonyi cannot afford the risk of electing someone who does not understand the dynamics of governance as espoused by Umahi.

“Nwufuru had grown under Umahi’s tutulage right from his stint as a member of the state House of Assembly until rising to the position of the speaker.

“He is an integral part of the divine mandate governance philosophy in Ebonyi and has been part of the revolutionary trend which has turned the state into a model, sought after by other faecet of the country”.

“The impact of Umahi in infrastructural development of Ebonyi can never be equalled in the anals of the state and the best way to preserve such legacy is to elect someone who shares the same philosophy and can ensure the mainrenance of the infrastructure among others,” he said.

He noted that another factor to consider in massively electing Nwifuru was his personality which is not only amiable but worthy of leading the people to consolidate on present gains.

“Nwufuru is peace maker extraordinary who has radiated peace and harmony in his dealings with the people and the leadership sphere.

“It is on record that he has stabilised the state house of assembly, making it a spectacle of peace and progress which had churned several bills and motions for public good,” he said.

He noted that Nwifuru is charismatic and accessible to all, no matter the state origin, part of Africa or world the person came from.

“His recent pronouncement that non-indegenes contributed to the development of Abakaliki shows that his government when he hopefully assumes office, will accomadate all.

“He will also enhance the economic wellbeing of the people as his human empowerment strides even as the speaker of the house is second to none.

“Several indiigenes of the state have benefited from his human empowerment policies and more is sure to come when he assumes power,”.

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