Ebonyi PDP, APC Drums Support For Labour Party Candidates


Moses Peter, Abakaliki

As 2023 General election gathers momentum, over ten thousand 10,000 members of People’s Democratic Party PDP and All Progressive Congress APC have given their support to all the candidates contesting under the platform of Labour Party as they pledged to vote for LP candidates during the forthcoming election.

The essence of the support is to ensure that Peter Obi wins as the next Nigeria president, Edward Nkwegu wins as Ebonyi State Governor and Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh to win as member House of Representatives and other Candidates contesting under the Party.

This massive support from different political Parties in the state to the Labour Party occured during the official unveiling of the Legislative Agenda of the LP candidate for House of Representatives of Abakaliki/Izzi Federal Constituency, Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh in Abakaliki the State Capital.

The former PDP House of Representatives aspirant, Chief Maurice Mbam said he is a PDP member but will vote for LP and all his supporters numbering over 6,000 will follow suit.

The APC Campaign Council Executive in the State, Mr Uchenna Nshi said he is still in APC but his vote and that of his supporters will be casted to Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh, Edward Nkwegu for Governor and others.

“This Forthcoming Election is not about political parties but would be based on Individuals’ Character and competence, so I believe, and so it will happen. People are tired of voting for political parties. I and my Over seven thousand supporters will be voting for the Character and competence this time around”. Nshi explained.

The LP candidate for House of Representatives, Dr Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh expressed happiness over the new development.

Ezeh said “Historically, the journey to nationhood from State requires transformative
leadership that can forge a nation out of distinct ethic groups. Without such
deterministic leadership available, citizens will continue to see themselves as
members of clans, religion, and ethnic groups first before nation State. This is the
bane of African State in the so-called bottom billion that is populated by disease,
hunger, violence, and despondency. This bottom billion is the failure of humanity.
Our own Chinua Achebe affirmed this when he concluded some decades ago that
Nigeria’s challenges are simply the failure of Leadership”

“Nation building ultimately depends upon the choices made by political leaders
which ultimately influence how smooth or tortuous the journey from a modern
state to nationhood would be. Side by side is also the place of historical changes. A
time comes when providence drives such changes. The rise of Arab spring, the
youth bulge in Africa, EndSARS in Nigeria, etc have brought changes, albeit
unplanned to Africa and indeed Nigeria.
African with the highest number of frustrated human beings has come to a
deterministic point in history where changes must happen. Indeed, these changes
are sweeping across Africa, propelled by the youths who are tired of a tiny cabal
pressing their neck and denying them God’s given opportunities”

“To give way to civil rights and justice, else America would be a lie. In Nigeria, many
so called statesmen and leaders conveniently ignore equity but mouth off “national
unity”. This fallacy cascades down to the sub-regional politics of states and
constituencies, we say what conveniently serves our immediate interests. I am
deeply troubled by this, and it is indeed one of the compelling reasons some of us
have joined politics”

“Paradoxically, we are no longer just talking about leadership failures, but living its
impacts on our environment like
133 million fellow citizens in multidimensional poverty,
20 million out of school children, a state dominated by violence,
a weakened state that has no dominance over use of force but shares it with
various faceless groups, a state where faceless people issue order and citizens obey, a broken-down health system, brazen corruption, impunity and celebrity mediocre and citizens hunted by both bandits and its security forces”. Ezeh enumerated.

Ezeh further said that present day society has fulfill the words of Professor Kingsley Moghalu “a country that hangs on
edge, supported only by comedy and laughter while the economy dies.
Poverty thrives, and safety is a lottery ticket; ethic groups below the elite class pull
each other as in a basket of crabs.

Consequently, Ezeh Advised that in order to avert the above mentioned calamities, Nigerians should vote Peter Obi to become the Nigeria’s next President, Ebonyi people should also vote for Edward Nkwegu for Governor of Ebonyi State and Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh for House of Representatives, Abakaliki Izzi Federal Constituency.

The LP Governorship Candidate, Dr Edward Nkwegu in his remark said people have learnt their lessons “I believe Nigerians will vote for Character, Competence, Capacity and Commitment. Labour Party has all these qualities.

The Chairman of the Occasion, Mr Oyon Peter thanked Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh for Organizing get together party

Oyon also thanked Members of PDP, APC and others who have come to pledged their loyalty to the candidates contesting under Labour Party.

The Director- General Campaign Council for Ezeh Emmanuel Ezeh, Barrister Luke Adonwe encouraged Ebonyi People to rise up and defend themselves by voting for Labour Party to take over leadership in the State and Nigeria at Large.

Barrister Adonwe promised that Labour Party will wipe away the tears of Nigeria if the party emerges winer.

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