Ebonyi: Election is tomorrow, Why is everyone talking Nwifuru – Engr Orji

Polycarp Sola-Abakaliki

Engineer James Orji, an Ebonyi State businessman based in Azugwu, Abakaliki the State capital has expressed optimism about his stance on the position of the Governorship of the State ahead of Saturday’s election.

Orji said he believes in equity, fairness, and justice in Ebonyi and felt that the people should support Nwifuru come tomorrow’s election.

“Looking at things, I believe that Nwifuru is the most serious Candidate among all of them.

“Though I’m not a politician, I am giving him my support because of his efforts, and his efforts are why everyone is talking about him, he’s a leader and he will do well for the people“.

Orji called on his friends and supporters in the Azugwu ward to come out en mass and vote for APC, Nwifuru come tomorrow’s elections.

Engineer James Orji Is the chief executive officer of LONDON BAR in Azugwu, opposite the Assemblies of God church and a pioneer of several I inbusinesses.

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