Ebonyi CAN Factional Chairman Passes Vote Of No Confidence On Nwokolo


Peter Nkume

The Factional Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, Pastor Dr Aloysius Ogah and his group has passed vote no confidence on the State Chairman of CAN, His Eminence Scamb Nwokolo over the Embezzlement Of one hundred Million Naira (N100,000,000) and 1000 bags of 50kg rice.

Dr Ogah disclosed this while addressing Journalists in Abakaliki the State Capital

Dr Ogah said “On behalf of the entire church of God in Ebonyi state, myself and all the Exco members of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Ebonyi State Chapter,most heartily convey our gratitude to God for giving us His Excellency, Rt. Hon.Builder Ogbonna Nwifuru as governor. We also thank the governor himself for making himself available as a worthy instrument in the hand of God to pursue the “peoples charter of needs’program” by which he is ably addressing the needs of Ebonyi people in all aspects of life”

“We thank the Governor in particular for the gift of One Hundred Million Naira (N100,000,000.00) only and one thousand bags of (1000) of 50kg rice, to CAN during the Christmas of 2023 for the benefit of the members. We pray God to freely bless the governor and his family along with the members of his Exco for remembering to give so generously to CAN in the state”

“It is heart-breaking, however, that up till today the former chairman of CAN -Rev. Dr. Scamb Chukwuma Nwokolo and the former treasurer – Pastor Solomon Eriugo – have kept back the entire money and rice for themselves and denied the members of CAN the use of these gifts. Every attempt to let them give account of how they distributed the money and rice failed totally. Instead of giving the account or releasing the money and rice, the former Chairman has resorted to setting up committee to look into this matter of money and rice. This committee which is being teleguided by the former chairman will eventually report back to him, so that he will become a judge in his own matter”

“It is our own opinion that this act of keeping back the N100m and one thousand bags of rice is nothing short of fraud for which we have reported to the commissioner of police, Ebonyi State Command as per our letter dated 22nd March, 2024. Up till today – 26th March, 2024 we are not aware of any actions taken by the police. We want to emphasize that we will never relent but rather remain resolute”. He said.

Dr Ogah said Ebonyi CAN therefore called on Rev. Dr. Scamb Chukwuma Nwokolo and Pastor Solomon Eriugo to produce the cash and rice for proper distribution to members of CAN Ebonyi State Chapter.

“We also want to hereby address some of the issues raised by Scamb Nwokolo on the 10th March issue of the citizens Advocate.
Number one: – Vote of Confidence, Upon what is the so called vote of thousand bags of 50kg rice given to CAN by our dear governor during the Christmas of 2023. If up till today, Nwokolo has not been able to account for the whooping sum of N100m and one thousand bags of rice, then the so called Vote of confidence is null and void and hereby declared to be a capital vote of no confidence”

“We also want to explain this riddle of when good and intelligent people begin to pass so called vote of confidence on a man who could not give account of N100m and one thousand bags of 50kg rice given to members of CAN. God Himself gave out the explanation of this riddle in Acts of the Apostles – chapter 8 v 9 – sorcery and witchcraft. Therefore, the people who gave the so called vote of confidence are innocent. The person to be held responsible is Simon the sorcerer. All we are saying now is give us our N100m and one thousand bags of 50kg rice or we will escalate our legitimate moves to get them from you – Nwokolo.
Number two: Nwokolo claimed “I don’t have anything doing with them, I don’t know them, they are not even members of CAN” referring to Pastor Ogah and his team. This is the voice of both ignorance and falsehood. Nwokolo knows us personally and has our phone numbers which he has been forwarding to people to plead with us. On the issue of not being members of CAN, we reply that CAN as a body has no register for individual members Every Nigerian Christian is a member of CAN by becoming a member of a church denomination, which in turn belong to a bloc in CAN. So, through ou various blocs, we all become members of CAN. But in Nwokolo’misunderstandings, one is only a member of CAN if he or she is an official”

He applauded the former CAN Chairman and Senior Special Adviser on Religious and Welfare Matters (SSA/WA), Very Reverend Father Dr Abraham Nwali as “we did not have the problem of accountability with him”.

” He was always open and kept nothing back. He used to announce our gifts in public and in order to avoid suspicious and blame, Fr. Nwali never delegated but personally shared both money, rice and other items to the people concerned. Thank God, Nwokolo benefited from Fr. Nwali’s open integrity”

“We hereby demand that Nwokolo and Pastor Eriugo should bring out a clean account of our N100m and 1000 bags of 50kg rice. Remember the unjust judge saga of Luke 18 v. 1-6. God punished him for not being accountable and honest”

“Finally, we hereby state that we have the love of God for Scamb Nwokolo and Pst. Eriugo. We do not want them to go to hell where the fires do not quench and the worms do not die – Mark Chapter 9: vs 43-48. For what shall it profit you – Nwokolo and Eriugo if you keep back the whole N100m and 1000 bags of 50kg rice for yourselves – Mark Chapter 8 vs 36-37. Infact, we do not want Nwokolo and Eriugo to fulfill these dangerous scriptures and become fools at last – Jeremiah 17 v 11. It is for this reason of hell fire that we will exhaust all possible solutions to get back the N100m and 1000 bags of rice. We love you -Nwokolo and Eriugo and will never want you people to fall into the fearful hands of God-Hebrews 10v 31. A word is enough for the Wise”. He added.

Meanwhile, the National CAN General Secretary,.Apostle Professor Samson A.Fatokun has officially written to Ebonyi State Government affirming that Very Reverend Scamb Nwokolo is the State Chairman they recognize.

“On behalf of the President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) His Eminence,Archbishop (Dr) Daniel C. Okoh and the entire National Leadership of CAN, I write to affirm the leadership of the Ebonyi State CAN Chairman, Rev. Dr. Scamb Nwokolo and his State Executives as the duly elected and recognized CAN Ebonyi State Chapter Executive Council, in accordance with CAN Constitution”

“He was duly elected with other executives in accordance with Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Constitution in an election held and supervised by CAN National Officers on 6th of March,2023.The Executive Council headed by Rev. Dr. Scamb Nwokolo was afterward duly inaugurated by CAN National Officers on 17th August,2023 in line with CAN Constitution”

“Kindly acknowledge him and his State Executive Council as the duly elected and recognized leaders of CAN in your State Chapter, and accord them all the necessary recognition they may need in carrying out their duties”. Fatokun added.

Also, the Ebonyi State Government through the Secretary to the State Government, Professor Grace Umezurike has written to Dr Ogah saying the State Government doesn’t have interest in the change of Leadership of the CAN.

“I wish to refer to your letter dated 19th February, 2024,addressed to His Excellency,the Governor of Ebonyi State, on the above subject matter and inform you that Government is not interested in the change of leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),Ebonyi State Chapter”. Umezurike said.

To Cap it up, the Special Assistant to the CAN Chairman under the leadership of Nwokolo, Evangelist Abigail Ezeiheukwumere said there was nothing like Embezzlement Of any money or palliative meant for CAN Members.

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