Democracy Day: Human Rights Commission urges Tinubu to deepen fight against corruption

Mr Christopher Okorie, Coordinator, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Ebonyi has urged President Bola Tinubu to deepen fight against corruption.

Okorie made the assertion in an interview with newsmen in Abakaliki.

Okorie also urged those in the affairs of government in Nigeria to always bear in mind that the will of the people is still “supreme.”

He decried the way democracy had been described in the country as, “Government by selected group and for selected group.”

According to him, our democracy is link to feudalism, where it is being done by selected of few people and for their own interest.

“This is 24 years of the Nation’s democracy and we are still talking of where we are going. I must say, that we, as a nation have not gone anywhere in terms of democracy.

“What we are doing in Nigeria is far from the true meaning of Democracy. Democracy is about sacrifice, service for humanity. Our leaders must learn how to sacrifice in the efforts to advance the system.

“For us to get it right, we must shun greed and lead for the interest of the people because democracy is government for the people, simple.

“Its high time we the citizens stopped accepting crumbs on tables and stop accepting pennies from the politicians,” he stated.

Meanwhile, A Lawyer, Ogbonna Nweke also urged the new government to embrace inclusiveness policy for more united nation.

On the nation’s democracy, he decried the way the nation had been struggling to fit into the system and prayed for the new Government of President Tinubu.

Also, Mrs Mercy Monday, a Pastor and also Teacher noted that only prayer could restore true democracy in Nigeria and urged citizens to support the new administration.

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