Army Day Junior Secondary School Abakaliki holds a 2024 inter-house sports competition


It was not just a gathering of fun but a total display of agility, teamwork, and good sportsmanship by the students of Army Day Junior Secondary School, Abakaliki, as the school celebrated its 2024 inter-house sports competition.

The event, which was held at the school sports field, was filled not with students but with parents, guardians, teachers, invited guests, and spectators.

In her welcome address, the principal of the school, Lady Cordelia Nnenna Ukpai, said the event was not only meant to showcase the school’s academic and sporting prowess but also an avenue to gather parents, guardians, and well-wishers to celebrate with the children for their efforts in academics and extracurricular activities. “

“The Inter-House Sports Competition holds a special place in our hearts as it brings together students from different houses for healthy competition, which is part of our academic curriculum. This event not only promotes physical fitness but also serves as a platform to foster team spirit, healthy competition, and discipline among our students; it encourages them to strive for excellence and push their boundaries to achieve their true potential.”.

“Participating in sports helps students develop essential life skills such as leadership, time management, resilience, and teamwork. It teaches them the value of perseverance as they strive to overcome challenges and setbacks. These experiences on the sports field go beyond the realm of academic lessons and prepare our students to face the obstacles that may await them in the real world.”.

“Furthermore, the Inter-House Sports Competition offers a unique opportunity to showcase the talents and abilities of our students. As they engage in various track and field events, they not only represent their respective houses but also embody the spirit of our school. This event serves as a platform for the talented individuals among us to shine and be recognized for their exceptional skills.”

“Additionally, these sports competitions foster a sense of community within our school. As students, teachers, parents, and alumni come together to cheer for their respective houses, bonds are formed and memories are created. It is a chance for everyone to come together as a family and celebrate the achievements and successes of our students.”.

She commended the teachers, coaches, and house patrons for their dedication and commitment in preparing the students for the event and called on good-spirited individuals to donate generously, either in cash or in kind, towards sustaining the efforts and growth of the various houses and the school in general.

She appreciated the effort of Governor Francis Nwifuru in revamping the educational system in the state, especially his approval for the employment of one thousand teachers in the school system.

According to her, “this will go a long way toward improving the student-teacher ratio with a positive multiplier effect on teaching and learning.” We are hopeful that His Excellency the Governor will soon intervene in the accommodation challenges facing the school.”

One of the patrons of the school and the state commissioner for finance, Dr. Leonard Uguru, described sports competition as a veritable instrument for talent haunting and identification. 

“Sports is a very good thing as a talent; it’s also a good thing as far as health is concerned. Once you exercise, your life will be elongated. Nobody knows where your career will lead you. Some started in secondary school, and today they are known nationally and internationally for football and other games.”

“I’m advising them to put interest in sports development because nobody knows where he or she will find themselves tomorrow, and equally, the school should try as much as possible, irrespective of the economy in the country, to organize this inter-house sports because it helps in talent haunting.

The special guest of honor and commandant of Nkwagu military cantonment, Col. A. Bako, commended the progress of the school but pleaded with the state government to assist the school with more classrooms and the construction of toilet facilities.

Other personalities who spoke, including Chief George Ukpai, the former auditor general for local government, and Hon. Bernard Nwovu, the National President of the Izzi Nodo Youth Forum, while commending the progress of the school so far, thanked the principal for her vision and commitment to the school.

The inter-house sports competition was contested among six houses in the school. They include the Red House, which is Hon. Ebere Nwaogha; the Yellow House, Hon. Nwovu Bernard; the White House, Senator Nguji Ngene’s house; the Pink House, Dr. Leonard Uguru; the Green House, Col. A. A. Bako; and the Lemon House, which is Hon. Thompson Izinya’s house. 

The sporting competition featured different field events, including match past, drama, and dancing competitions. At the end of the keenly contested competition, the lemon house emerged in the 1st position, the green house took the 2nd position, and the pink house came in third, respectively.

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