Ambassador Obinna Ukor Defects to APC, Urges Labour Members to Join

By Our Correspondent

In a significant political move, Ambassador Obinna Ukor, a prominent figure in Ebonyi State, has defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC). The former ambassador made his announcement at a press conference held in the state capital, where he called on members of the labour community in Ebonyi State to join him in the APC.

Ambassador Ukor, known for his diplomatic service and political activism, cited reasons such as the need for a more inclusive and progressive political platform as driving factors behind his decision to join the APC. He expressed confidence in the party’s agenda and leadership, stating that he believes the APC is best positioned to bring about positive change and development in Ebonyi State.

During his address, Ambassador Ukor emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration among all stakeholders, including members of the labour community, to work towards a common goal of advancing the interests of the people of Ebonyi State. He urged his supporters and fellow labour members to join him in the APC to collectively contribute to the state’s growth and prosperity.

The defection of Ambassador Obinna Ukor to the APC is expected to have significant implications for the political landscape in Ebonyi State, as he brings with him a considerable following and influence. His call for labour members to join the APC signals a potential shift in alliances and support bases within the state, setting the stage for a dynamic and competitive political environment in the upcoming elections.

As Ambassador Ukor embarks on this new chapter in his political career, all eyes will be on the impact of his defection and his efforts to mobilize support for the APC among the labour community in Ebonyi State. The coming months are sure to witness heightened political activity as parties and candidates position themselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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