Abakaliki Rice Mill Boss Hails Gov. Nwifuru @49, Lauds Peaceful Initiatives in Ebonyi

Polycarp Sola -Abakaliki

In a resounding tribute to the Ebonyi state governor, Rt Hon Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru, on his 49th birthday, the chairman of the Abakaliki rice mill industry, Comrade Obeji Linus, has extolled the governor’s peaceful initiatives in the state.

Obeji, while commending Governor Nwifuru’s unwavering commitment to fostering peace and development in the state, noted his initiatives such as payment of backlogs of pensions to retired civil servants as well as the increament of worker’s salaries that have positively impacted the lives of people in the state as well as boosted business activities within the rice milling industry.

“There’s quietness in the land because he has virtually touched all the sectors in the state; the workers are not grumbling; the politicians and ordinary people are not grumbling; he has touched humanity in its entirety.” Obeji said.

He pointed out that since Governor Nwifuru’s intervention in the rice mill company, there has been absolute peace, and people have been going about thriving with businesses without complaints.

“Ordinary people who are vulnerable are also happy with what the governor is doing to improve business activities within the rice mill areas. The governor is currently working on a major road around the mill company that will give easy access for customers, and we highly commend him.

“On behalf of my family and the good people of Abakaliki rice mill, we wish him a happy birthday and also wish him God’s protection in all his endeavors and guidance to continue with his good works for the people of Ebonyi State; it has never been this good for us.”.

He, however, emphasized the governor’s pivotal role in promoting harmony and progress, which has significantly contributed to the growth and prosperity of Ebonyi State. 

These accolades come amidst ongoing efforts by the state government to enhance agricultural productivity and stimulate economic growth through the revitalization of multiple industries across various sectors of the state.

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